Epic Like you

Im John


For those full of energy from 8 years and beyond! For first timers flips, games, runs, champions, Athletes, Artists, Musicians, Gamers in short all those who have the dream of being the best or excel in their activities. Based on the work to achieve their goals. Committed to the fact that sacrifice brings results.

The Missing Drink

From the constant and persistent insistence of childrens in requesting energy or isotonic drinks available on the market, we investigated them and were able to conclude that this category itself, was not intended in the least for them. Moreover, today there are consumption restrictions for children under 16 years. These are the roots that motivated us to make an Epic drink, without caffeine, taurine and sugar. Yeet it is vitamins, minerals and Pre Biotics.

Roots #EpicPowerDrink


I’m in my 40’s with children from 9 to 13. Every day our children are influenced by the marketing and hype of the popular energy drinks we all know. We see them in every store and our children constantly request them.  However, as parents, we know these drinks are no good for our children, so we are forced to constantly tell them they are not old enough for those drinks, that they contain too much caffeine and sugar, that the “sports” drinks, are in fact unhealthy and bad for them