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In an industry that loads energy drinks up with large amounts of sugar, caffeine, and taurine, we’ve created a new opportunity for you to feel good about the product you’re giving to youth and childs. We’ve created a choice that provides real nutritional value for our youngers ones such as vitamins, nutrients and prebiotics, while still giving them the same trendy design and experience. 

We have dedicated our time researching vitamins and minerals, digestive health, and micro and macro nutrients to craft a power drink that contains no sugar or caffeine, but still provides a rich flavor and energy boost. Our drink powers our youngers to be healthier, stronger, and to have better performance, without giving them the dreaded crash of a normal energy drink. 

Why ask for wings, when you were born with them?

The first drink For You with the necessary attitude and power to tap into the energy.

The Epic Power Drink for your epic power

“In the time for “Only Adults”

In the time to be your “first Time Ever”

In the time that we keep hearing “Not Yet”

We go for Yeet… That #EnergYeet!!!

Yeet is about what you like to do.

Is about YEET your talen’s, all of them!!!

No Fear, with faith explode your  energy

Yeet is about find your place in today’s world

It’s about RUN, JUMP, HIT, FLY, ROLL, CREATE, DISCOVER your own.

Just need your #EnergYeet!!!

Dont Need Wings, You were born with it.


I’m in my 40’s with children from 9 to 13. Every day our children are influenced by the marketing and hype of the popular energy drinks we all know. We see them in every store and our children constantly request them.  However, as parents, we know these drinks are no good for our children, so we are forced to constantly tell them they are not old enough for those drinks, that they contain too much caffeine and sugar, that the “sports” drinks, are in fact unhealthy and bad for them